Internet and TV:  The house is equipped with Internet and Cable TV, and Apple TV.  Our WIFI password can be found in the utility closet on door.  Please do not change the Apple ID in the Apple TV settings.  To use the TV:


1. Push green on button on the Sony remote;  if the TV is not on HDMI 1 use the input button to the left of the green one to get to HDMI 1.
2. Using the Time Warner remote hit the system on button; it always goes to channel 001.
3. Hit the GUIDE button (blue far left) and toggle up or down with the PAGE button (right side)

Apple TV is on HDMI 2, get there by using the Sony remote input button.

SONOS surround sound: Download SONOS app to your phone to have full range of options. Otherwise TV remote can control sound from SONOS PlayBar.

Kitchen: Appliances are straightforward.  Dish washing soap is in the dispenser on the counter. Garbage Disposal button on left corner of sink.  Please only organic matter, no eggshells.  The dishwasher is disappointingly finicky, be careful to only press start button once and then close the door. If you get the error message “Door Ajar” and beeps after you close it and try to start it, press and hold the start button for three seconds, wait 5 minutes, (sorry) then try again, selecting cycle, press start once and close the door.

Fireplace:  This is a Heat&Glo fireplace, providing heat as well as ambiance.  The control panel is located above upper left corner of fireplace in living room (see image to the right). To operate, start with the upper right “flame” button to turn this on and off.

  1. Pressing the button once: Turns ON, flames high. 
  2. Pressing the button a second time: Flames Low.
  3. Pressing the button a third time: Unit off/Flames off.

Directly below that is the fan button, which you don’t need, but if desired:

  1. Pressing the button once: Fan High.
  2. Pressing the button a second time: Fan Medium.
  3. Pressing the button a third time: Fan Low.
  4. Pressing the button a fourth time: Fan Off. 

Temperature can be adjusted but up and down arrows. DO NOT press the Climate button (lower right –looks like snow flake) as this shuts off the pilot. 

Heat/AC:  The Nest Thermostat can be set to your desired temperature.  When you leave the house it defaults to an “away” setting.  When you walk by the thermostat it detects your presence and will reset to the ambient temperature you desire.

Laundry:  Press and Go. Use laundry detergent provided, but please don’t put cap back on the detergent if it has residue of detergent in it – it tends to seep out and run under the container, making a mess. The laundry sink has a cover on it for folding, but slide it off before using the sink.

Radiant Heat: Bathrooms have radiant heated floors. They have not been programmed for on and off due to the irregular occupancy. To use in manual mode, turn on the switch- located on the side of the thermostat to ON. Then press and hold the arrows to set the temperature.   75 Deg gets the chill off, 82 deg is toasty.  82 deg should be the max setting. Please turn off when not in use. 

Gas Grill:  The gas is turned on and off at the house.  When the lever is parallel with the hose, it is on.  Please return to the closed position after use.  Grill utensils are in kitchen – top right drawer.

Garbage, Deposits, and Recycling: Help us keep our footprint light with proper disposal of trash.  In the garage there is a large tote (Youngblood) for garbage, there is also a smaller blue tote for recyclables, and a brown garbage can for all returnable cans and bottles (including water bottles in NY!). Garbage and Recyclables can be set out on Thursday night for Friday morning pick up.  Almost everything can be recycled – “In 2010, the MCRC began accepting plastic containers numbered one through seven for recycling/recovery along with aluminum foil, foil ware and household metal pots and pans. Now, the MCRC has started to accept single-stream materials from its recycling collector customers. Single stream means that paper materials no longer need to be separated from commingled materials--they can all be mixed together.”  Click here for a listing of items accepted by the MCRC.

Front Door Lock: When you leave, close the door tightly, press the word “Schlage” to lock the door.  Reopen with your personal code.  If for any reason the door doesn’t lock, you might have to pull the handle a bit to get the door jam to line up. At night, just use thumb key to lock the door from the inside.  Please lock all doors, including door to porch, upon your departure.